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ISBN code: 978-88-88837-37-6
Author: Gabriele Congiu
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Artificial Intelligence knowing the essentials

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The ebook ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Knowing the Essentials was conceived with the intention of providing fundamental information on the technology that has been called the Fourth Industrial Revolution, namely Artificial Intelligence (AI). The main objective of this work is to impart key knowledge on Artificial Intelligence, dividing the topic into seven chapters. The first six chapters delve into the birth, history and fundamental concepts of AI. The seventh chapter, on the other hand, focuses on the main Generative Artificial Intelligence platforms, which are responsible for generating text, images, music and more, simply by typing text into a box (prompt).


The ebook covers the following topics:

00 The author Gabriele Congiu and his Foreword
01 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)
02 History of AI and its characters
03 The principles and ethics of Artificial Intelligence
04 Neural networks and language processing
05 Digital Renaissance: link between Art and AI
06 Future and vision of Artificial Intelligence
07 Guide to generative AI (GAN) tools


The main objective of the ebook

As the title Artificial Intelligence Knowing the Essentials suggests, the goal of this ebook on Artificial Intelligence is to understand the essentials in the midst of a constantly evolving jungle of information. In a world characterised by constant innovation and rapid change, we will focus on the currently most profitable AI platforms. Using a metaphor, imagine the vast sea as the AI: without a clear destination, it will be difficult to reach the destination, navigating through various routes before finding the right one. Another important element will be that the reader will receive updates on key AI innovations.


Main features of the ebook

  1. Accessible to All: Written in a clear and accessible manner, this digital book is designed to guide both novices and technology enthusiasts through the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence. No advanced technical knowledge required!
  2. Application contexts: Explore the practical applications of AI through the use of Generative Artificial Intelligence tools. Get a comprehensive overview of how AI is revolutionising every industry.
  3. Inspiring Stories: Immerse yourself in engaging stories of innovators and pioneers who have and are shaping the future with AI. Discover how this technology is changing people’s lives and helping to solve global challenges.
  4. Ethical and Social Perspectives: Address the ethical and social challenges associated with AI. The book offers reflections and considerations on how AI used in a responsible manner can benefit society.
  5. Forecasting the future: Get an overview of emerging trends and possible directions AI may take in the next decade. Be prepared for what the future has in store!

Some of the GAN platforms analysed in the ebook

ChatGPT, Copilot, Gemini, Claude, Bing’s Image Creator, Dall-E 3, OpenArt, Midjourney, Leonardo, AIVA, Veed, Suno, Udio, Runway, Kaiber and other platforms to generate text, images, music and video.


Free updates throughout 2024 for those who purchase the ebook

Exclusively for those who purchase the ebook, information on Artificial Intelligence news, tutorials and updates will be sent as soon as they become available, thus offering significant added value for the reader.


Protecting the ebook

IMPORTANT, this work in digital format is provided with a UNIQUE HIDDEN IDENTIFICATION CODE, created for each user with their own data, as the work is for personal use. This is intended to guarantee its authenticity and to track its distribution.


Who is the ebook aimed at?

The work is aimed at all those who want to delve into the world of Artificial Intelligence to learn about the history and concepts up to the Generative Artificial Intelligence platforms that generate text, images, programming code and music automatically from a written request, called a Prompt.


Why should you read it?

  • Challenge Your Mind: AI is a rapidly evolving field, and this digital book keeps you abreast of the latest discoveries and innovations, sending you essential updates.
  • Inspired and Dream Big: Discover how AI is creating incredible possibilities and pushing the boundaries of our imagination.
  • Practical Applications: Understand how AI can improve your daily life and influence your future choices through the tools of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAN).


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