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ISBN code: 978-88-88837-28-4
Author: Ciro Sannino
Price: € 49,90
Pages: 244 in colors

Photography & Rendering with V-Ray

Photography & Rendering with V-Ray is based on the 5-Step Render Workflow (5SRW) method. It is an educational format made up of five simple steps for creating photorealistic renders in the field of pre-visualization for architecture, mechanics and design. It uses photography – and the basic concepts behind it – as point of reference.

Framing, Light Balance, Materials, Final Settings and Post-production are the five crucial phases in the innovative 5-Step Render Workflow (5SRW) method. Examined without technicalities, these phases form a simple and deliberate pathway that aims to guide and encourage full awareness of each step leading to the creation of any kind of render.

Each topic has a theoretical introduction, designed to prepare the reader for the pratical use of the V-Ray parameters. In this book, the final outcome is not intended to be an end in itself. Instead, the focus is placed on the process used to achieve it. In line with this logic, the various exercises and videos accompanying the book are means, rather than ends, that will allow you to reason with greater awareness.

The book is targeted both to readers who have never used V-Ray, as well as those who already have experience with the software and are simply loking for a way to organize their ideas simply and with greater coherence.

Topics covered in the book:

00 – Introduction
01 – First Steps in V-Ray
02 – Compensation Using the Gamma Curve
03 – Global Illumination and Irradiance map
04 – The DSLR Camera in V-Ray
05 – Light Balance
06 – Simulating Materials
07 – Exposure
08 – Exterior Rendering
09 – V-Ray Sun System
10 – Simulating Vegetation and Textiles
11 – The 5SRW Method and Interior Rendering
12 – Other Lights and HDRI
13 – White Balance and Contrast
14 – Optimizing Rendering Time
15 – SOS: How not to Freak Out

The book is suitable for any version of V-Rayr

All explanations, concepts and results that can be obtained
are not bound to a specific version of V-Ray.
They concern the application of photography to the rendering engine,
are therefore applicable to both versions 2 and 3 of V-Ray for 3ds Max.
For the type of approach the book is also apreciated
from users who use V-Ray for Rhino, SketchUp, Maya and C4D.

To read the summary and the introduction CLICK HERE

Information about the author

Ciro Sannino has been involved in training and dissemination since 2004. He is one of the few instructors officially approved by Chaos Group (the creators of V-Ray) and the inventor of the 5SRW, a method structured into 5 steps that guides users in developing their own projects in V-Ray with a purely photographic approach.

Contents of the attached DVD:

Attached to the book is a DVD containing a folder called P&R-VRay, in which you will find .MAX files, videos relating to the concepts explained and .JPG files of the images contained in the book. It also contains 3D models from and textures della

Who is it for the book?

The book is intended both for those who have never used V-Ray, as well as those who are already familiar with the software but are looking for a way to organize their ideas in a simpler and more straightforward way.